Terrill Warrenburg


Website: www.terrillwarrenburg.com

Artistic Work

Where do you get inspiration for your art from?

I draw inspiration from my studies at school, from geological diagrams to contemporary art. I grew up in a household of art and music and creating art is part of my daily life at this point.

What is your art about?

In the past I've used my art to discuss social and political issues but right now I am currently focusing on a more formal element: lighting. I've always been drawn to art with a strong source of light, either representational or physical.

Are there any messages or feelings you want to transmit with your art?

Each piece has a specific message and/or feeling. I like to use art to visually communicate whats on my mind or what I observe.


Becoming an Artist

When did you decide you wanted to become an artist?

I've drawn and doodled for as long as I can remember. My mother was an painter but encouraged me to play piano and take music lessons for most of my childhood. After about 6 years of theory, rhythm, and metronomes, I finally told her that I wanted to take art lessons and be an artist like her. That was around 6th grade.

Was there a special moment or event that made you realize that you wanted to become an artist?

The first time I went to Paris, Sophomore year of high school, I was walking around Musée d'Orsay looking at the impressionist master paintings that I grew up admiring and I started crying in the museum. I found my passion and I wanted to spend the rest of my life pursuing it.


Was there an event or creation after which you told yourself "I am an artist"?

The first time I could sit still long enough to paint a still life.

What would you say is the role of art – the artist in society today?

We live in the information age and an age of consumerism. Art today blends the traditional notion of creating an original work with the appropriation of already produced art, advertisement, and other sources from society to explore and expand boundaries, generate thought, and eradicate the distinction between art and life.

Other Artists

Is there an artist that inspires you?

Elliot Hundley is my current artist inspiration. I love his use of medium and his work.

Who is an artist you admire?

I love JR and his work as well as many street artists. Although I don't make street art, I admire it and think that it is an amazing platform to engage with and reach the public that is not directly involved with art otherwise.

Do you have a favorite artist or artistic movement?

I have a hard time settling on "favorites" but in general my favorite decade in art would be the 1960s. I wrote a dissertation on this time period when studying abroad in France but I continue to learn more and more about it each day. It must have been an energizing and invigorating time to be an artist.



Have you ever become aware of / experienced gender discrimination in the visual arts?

Growing up, I noticed how the vast majority of the artists I've studied were male and about 90% of the figures in the art were female. However, I assumed that it was a past/ historical issue and not as prevalent today until I learned about Guerilla girls and learned the mind blowing statistics of gender's role in the art world even today.

Does gender influence your art?

I believe that everything an artist experiences influences his or her art.

Any ideas about how to address the gender imbalance in the visual arts?

Increasing awareness on the discrepancies between gender as well as actively promoting female artists.

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